MAD #524 Sneak Peek- Man of Veal!

October 10th, 2013 | Posted in MAD Magazine

Clicky to Embiggen… has an exclusive first look (I know… big deal!) of the splash page for the parody I did along with writer Desmond Devlin of the movie “Man of Steel”. The sneak peek includes a look at MAD‘s long history of lampooning Superman, starting with ‘Superduperman” in MAD #4.

You’ll have to click the link to read the intro text to get the gag behind the title.

After the issue is released on Oct. 23rd, I’ll post a few more panels from the parody. Seven pages!


  1. nunz says:

    A Bacon post followed by a Veal post…now I’m starving!!

  2. nice Russell Crowe!

  3. Gor Bismori says:

    The last one, “Superman Reruns,” opened with more or less the same splash, but then all Superman movies opened with the same (Krypton) scene.


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