Caricature Report- Venice

September 25th, 2013 | Posted in General

I thought, just for fun, I’d look for street caricaturists while on my trip through Italy and report back on a couple of things, including:

  1. If they have any stolen caricature samples up on their display (mine or anyone else’s I recognize)
  2. If they are any good

I’d include some pictures and get my caricature drawn in each city we visit, those being Venice, Florence and Rome. Here’s my report on Venice’s caricature artist community:

Venice Caricature Grade: F

Ordinarily I’d never give a live caricaturist less than a “D”, and I’d only give them that low a grade if they had nothing but ripped off samples on their display, and the kind that were printed right from the stolen art, not even attempting their own drawn version of it. However, I have to give Venice an “F” simply because there were no caricaturists anywhere. The Lovely Anna and I walked the city from stem to stern while we were there, and I only saw one caricaturist/portraitist the entire time we were there. That gentleman was set up only a little way down the edge of the Lagoon from Piazza San Marco. He gets an “F” because he wasn’t open when I stopped by to get one drawn, despite the area being packed with people. Boo!

Next up: Florence!


  1. Tad Barney says:

    I saw two in Venice when we were there a couple years ago. Both actually had their own samples on display!

  2. danmccartist says:

    Walking Venice, “stem to stern”…good pun!

  3. Mike Hasson says:

    Go to the Piazza del Duomo…decent artists there. Bizarrely, they all seem to use stolen samples, but many do good work despite this. Have fun!

  4. Sepman says:

    I have one caricature from Venice in my collection.

  5. N Gomes says:

    you kind of debunked a myth I had about Italy’s art scene, Venice in [particular, since the Art Biennale is also on right now. i’ve been planning a trip there for a long time ..looking forward to Florence and Rome Report Card.. please share some pics from there as well.

  6. nerdy916 says:

    Hi Tom,
    I know you’re on vacation but I thought you should know DisneyWorld changed their disability pass due to abuse to the system. It works like a fastpass. About 5 minute lines. I thought you should know in case you haven’t heard.

    • Tom says:

      I did read about that. It works as a Fast Pass, but you are only allowed to ride the ride ONCE, so the days of Elizabeth getting to ride her favorites two or three times a visit are done. Also, the pass includes a picture of the special needs person, so no one else can use the pass if he/she does not ride with them. One might say “its for the special needs person, not for others” but the great thing was my other kids, who have had their lives greatly impacted by the presence of Elizabeth as a big sister and her needs, got that one little perk when visiting Disney. No more. Thanks, Disney, and a special thanks to the FU@#ing a$$h)le$ who both hired themselves out as a “handicapped guide” and the 1%ers who paid them to get their typical kids past the lines.

  7. Flavio Bosco says:

    Hello Tom! I think in some places in Italy, it is not always easy to obtain permission to sell artworks in the street…then could depends by the period, probably during carnival period will be different in Venice. Luckily you can comfort with classic art! 🙂 Greetings from Milano, have fun!


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