The 12th Doctor Option!

August 5th, 2013 | Posted in News


The good news: On Sunday, the BBC announced that veteran British actor Peter Capaldi would portray the 12th incarnation of the Doctor in the next season of the mega-popular series Doctor Who.

The bad news: My limited edition print of the eleven official Doctors is suddenly out of date… a serious problem when you are talking about Time Lords.

Not to worry, Whovians! I have added a special “12th Doctor” option to those who want to get a copy of “The Doctor is In“, my limited edition Doctor Who print. For an extra $10 (cheap) I will painstakingly hand draw the 12th doctor (aka Peter Capaldi) in the print next to Doctor number 11 (aka Matt Smith). The caricature will be drawn in permanent, archival black marker so it will last as long as the print does. Did I mention this will be painstakingly hand drawn? Here’s the print with Doctor number 12 added:

Doctor No. 12 hand drawn in!
Clicky to embiggen…

Obviously every drawing of Peter will be slightly different, but don’t worry… I’m a professional.

Order either the original eleven Doctors print or one with the 12th Doctor option here today!

NOTE- I’ve been getting some inquires about if previously purchased prints can get the 12th Doctor added. The answer is YES, you can mail me back the print and include the $10 plus return postage costs, and I’ll draw him in for you.


  1. Paul McCall says:

    And what about John Hurt?

    • Tom says:

      He’s not official yet. Too many questions as to his place in the incarnation line, etc. That’s like expecting me to draw Richard Hurndall, who played the first Doctor in one episode, or Peter Cushing, who played him in a movie.

  2. Rob Hensby says:

    Aaah, get a light-box and trace over…it’s still an original!!

  3. Brian Smales says:

    Tom, if I mail you back my Doctor Who print, with $13.00, can you add the new Doctor for me?

  4. mfladlien says:

    I’m happy with the original…I’m getting it framed…

  5. Vince Mills says:

    How much to send my print back to get Mr Capaldi drawn on? Im in the UK!
    PS I too will be getting it framed along with the ‘Bonds’.

    • Tom says:

      I have no idea how much your postal service will charge… Depends on the speed of delivery. Hopefully you kept your tube because those are not cheap.

      First class international postage to UK is about $13US.

  6. I’m more than happy with the original print. The actor’s only been announced, he’s not in canon yet and we know nothing about his demeanor, personality traits or dress.
    I am seriously looking forward to receiving this!

  7. Connie Nobbe says:

    I just ordered one for my daughter! You may remember the pics I sent you of her Dr. Who graduation party. She draws cartoons very well, and she draws ALL the time, and has for years. She posts all the time to Deviant Art. She is going to love this poster, especially with your drawing of the next doctor and your personalization. It will definitely be framed and treasured. Thanks so much!


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