Sketch o’the Week- Doctor Who: Paul McGann

May 15th, 2013 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

Paul McGann ©2013 Tom Richmond

This week I thought I’d do my Doctor Who series sketch digitally and record the process like I have done once or twice in the past, but I somehow messed up the video recording. Thus, I have simply a digital sketch and no video. Sorry about that. Oh, and here we have the eighth Doctor, as portrayed by Paul McGann.


  1. Jason Cross says:

    Neat!! He was my first doctor. Thanks to a cool friend I have been introduced to the new seasons as well and they are really fun! Love the SOTWs! Kudos Tom!!!

  2. Frank Pryor says:

    Your new entries never disappoint and are always great examples of how
    to approach an image. You’re our “Dr. HOW!” Thanx!


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