Monday MADness- MAD MEN

April 8th, 2013 | Posted in Monday MADness

Yesterday was the season premier of AMC’s “MAD MEN” (which I didn’t watch because I was working on a deadline), so this week’s “Monday MADness” is my art to MAD‘s parody of the show from MAD #508, written by Arnie Kogen (clicky on any to embiggen):






  1. Butch Curry says:

    Love these! You really nailed Bert Cooper / Robert Morse in that opening spread, and that two-shot of Megan and Don on the last page is just lovely.

  2. Mike Curry says:

    Butch Curry!!? I’m MIKE CURRY! I hope you’re not that evil twin I’ve always been warned about. (By the way, the Mad Men spoof’s a hoot. As usual, Tom.)


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