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March 19th, 2013 | Posted in News

Mad #1

If you are lucky enough to be in NYC tonight, no doubt you’ll be at the Society of Illustrators at 6:30 PM for the inevitably fantastic panel discussion on the life and work of Harvey Kurtzman with Drew Friedman, Robert Grossman, Al Jaffee, and Arnold Roth, moderated by Peter Kuper. That is, if you bought a ticket. If you show up and you don’t have a ticket, you’re a schmuck.

If you are like me, and stuck in the frozen wastelands of the country, then you can at least get a little taste of the action by listening to Drew, Arnie, and Al on the Leonard Lopate Show, via WNYC-FM radio streaming LIVE online by following this link. They’ll be discussing “All things Harvey” and what’s in store for the panel. The show starts at 1:30 PM Eastern time, and I don’t think it’s podcastable so you’ll just have to listen live.


  1. Jack Myhervold says:

    Thanks for posting about this radio show. I tuned in at 1:30 our time, and then remembered you wrote that it was 1:30 Eastern, but I was able to hear the recording of it anyway. So interesting to hear about who knew who, and when, and how things came about in the early day’s. Jaffee’s voice is so strong and vital, and his stories along with the other’s were really fun.


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