Harvey Awards Ballot… Now Online!

March 18th, 2013 | Posted in News

The Harvey Awards!

The 2013 Harvey Awards nomination process has begun, and for the first time you can fill out your nomination ballot online.  Ballots are due by May 6th. The 26th Annual Harvey Awards will be presented Saturday, September 7th, 2013 as part of the Baltimore Comic-Con. Only work published in the 2012 calendar year is considered eligible.

The Harvey Awards recognize excellence in the comic book/graphic novel/cartooning industry, with work nominated and voted on by creative professionals in the comics field. According to the website:

The Harvey Awards may be voted on exclusively by comic creators, those who write, draw, ink, color, letter, design, edit or are involved in the creative aspect of comics. Fans, retailers, distributors, and accounting personnel votes will not be counted.

All ballots must include requested professional verification information.

Here’s a list of the 2013 categories:

  • Best Writer
  • Best Artist
  • Best Cartoonist
  • Best Letterer
  • Best Inker
  • Best Colorist
  • Best Cover Artist
  • Most Promising New Talent
  • Best New Series
  • Best Continuing Or Limited Series
  • Best Syndicated Strip or Panel
  • Best Anthology (Any Magazine, Comic Book, or Book With Work By Three or More Creators, At Least 50% Of Which Is New)
  • Best Graphic Album – Original
  • Best Graphic Album – Previously Published
  • Best Single Issue or Story
  • Best Domestic Reprint Project (Material Must Be At Least 10 Years Old To Qualify)
  • Best American Edition of Foreign Material
  • Best Online Comics Work
  • Special Award for Humor in Comics
  • Special Award for Excellence In Presentation (Art Direction / Production)
  • Best Biographical, Historical, or Journalistic Presentation (Any Book, Magazine, Film, or Video That Contributes to the Understanding of Comics as an Artform)
  • Best Original Graphic Publication for Younger Readers

There is not a lot of details about the criteria involved for each division, so it can be a bit confusing. For example, I am not sure what the difference is between “Best Artist” and “Best Cartoonist”. Darwyn Cooke won both categories in 2011 for the same work on The Outfit. You can nominate up to 5 different creators or titles for each category. I don’t think you need to submit nominations for every category, but I am not sure.

Anyway, the Harveys are a well respected and prestigious award, so if you are a comics professional follow this link to submit your nominations.


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