Limited Artist Edition in Time for Christmas?

December 3rd, 2012 | Posted in General

There is still time, but it’s running out.

Anyone wanting to get their copy shipped internationally (except Canada) in time for Christmas, you might already be out of luck. While the U.S. Post Office claims the delivery time of an International Priority package is 6-10 business days, customs in the destination countries have been known to randomly hold a package for weeks before deciding to let it continue to its intended recipient. So, at best it would have to be ordered this week and shipped by Dec. 10th or so, and then there’s no guarantee when it comes to the whims of the recipient county’s customs. Canada is a little better, but I’d need to ship your book no later than Dec. 14th, and again customs might mess it up anyway.

US orders- the cheap shipping option is USPS Media Mail, which does a good job delivering in the 2-9 day expected range. Books shipped that method can go as late as Dec. 15th and should still make it. You can also choose to ship via USPS Priority when you checkout with PayPal, which is 2-3 days estimated, which means a later ship date is possible.

All that said, I am now a solid week from order to shipment for any new orders. That means any books ordered today would probably not ship until the 10th. I am also going on a family trip starting the 19th, so any orders placed after the 18th I would be unable to do in time no matter what.

What I’m trying to say is, if you want one of these to give to someone as a Christmas gift, now’s the time to order! Thanks to the many who have placed one, I am almost caught up and all orders placed thus far should be on the way this week.

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