Limited Artist’s Editions in Full Swing

November 23rd, 2012 | Posted in General

After a few brutal deadline jobs earlier this month, I am steaming full ahead on completing all the Limited Artist’s Editions of my book that have been ordered. Many thanks to those who placed an order for one, I should be caught up and all shipped by the end of next week.

For anyone not familiar with this one-time offer, I am doing a series of 120 Limited Artist’s Editions of my book, The Mad Art of Caricature! In it I draw a caricature of YOU (or whoever you send me pictures of) from your photos, and the book is signed and hand numbered on a handsome bookplate on the inside cover. If you have a family member or friend who’s really in to caricature, cartooning or MAD Magazine, this would be a perfect Christmas gift! You can find the order page here.


  1. nelson says:

    damn Tom why didnt you posted this one earlier?

  2. colin bridle says:

    i say damn it too why didnt you post this one earlier

    • Tom says:

      Sorry, this wasn’t something that occurred to me until recently. I’d seen a few other cartoonists do something similar, so I thought I’d give this go.


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