My New Illustrated Book: The Bro Code for Parents

October 2nd, 2012 | Posted in Freelancing

Some months back I eluded to a mysterious book project I was working on, which I could not reveal until it was actually published. Well, today is the official release date. It’s called The Bro Code for Parents, written by that awesome dude Barney Stinson, and some guy named Matt Kuhn, published by Simon and Schuster.

For those who do not watch American TV, this is the latest in a series of books that stem from the sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”, the others being The Bro Code, The Playbook and Bro on the Go, none of which I illustrated. These books are ostensibly written by one of the characters from the show (as played by Neil Patrick Harris), but in reality written by the show’s writers, mainly Matt. Like the show, it’s rife with jokes about sex, partying, sex, womanizing, sex, doing bro stuff… and sex. In other words, not for kids. It is extremely funny, and if you like the show you’ll like the book.

It was an odd but cool job. Odd in that, because the book is supposedly done by Barney Stinson, I get no credit on the cover as illustrator. That was kind of a drag, but my name does appear in some of the illustrations themselves . . . and my name was on the payment check where it counts. The cool part was I got to do a lot of different and interesting illustrations like a mini comic book, mock paper dolls, instructional diagrams, parody children’s book covers and some parody book interiors, lot’s of spot illustrations and even a series of secret messages in dirty diapers. Yes, it was that glamorous. I did over 60 illustrations for the book project, but a few of them ended up getting cut from the final.

Here are a few of the 50 plus illustrations that made the book, which you can order here if you are interested, or find in most bookstores:

Clicky to Embiggen…

Clicky to Embiggen…

Clicky to Embiggen…

There are lots more but you’ll just have to buy the book to see them!



  1. Lee Fortuna says:

    Great job Tom, but what I would like to know is why can’t we “Embiggen” the piece with the three broads in it that look like they just strutted out of a ZZ Top video,lol?

  2. Bearman says:

    Love the fist bump

  3. Eddie says:

    Super cool!

  4. Alex says:



New profile pic courtesy of my self-caricature for the Scott Maiko penned article “Gotcha! Mug Shots of Common (but Despicable) Criminals” from MAD 550

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