More on the New Mort Drucker Book

September 20th, 2012 | Posted in MAD Magazine

Back in August MAD announced the next book in it’s MAD’s Greatest Artists series: this one featuring the incomparable Mort Drucker.

Today on their excellent official blog, The Idiotical, MAD gives us some more info on the book, including the release date of Oct. 23rd, and a sneak peek at a few of the pieces that will be inside, all selected by Mort himself, including this beauty of a full-color, pull-out vintage poster that is reprinted for the first time in almost 50 years:

No-brainer, gotta have it, pre-ordered already sort of book.


  1. Shaban Mukasa says:

    this is gonna be very mad i can see

  2. Not to prove too anal: as opposed to a poster, this was a calendar, part of the second ‘MAD Follies’ annual. I always loved this piece and kept it, even when it became separated from the mag – Dave

  3. Lee Fortuna says:

    In my eyes one of the three cartooning GODS of all time! Jack Davis, Mort Drucker and the host of this wonderful blog, Tom Richmond. I met Mr. Drucker once and found him to be a nice humble man with a very lovely wife as well! Mort Drucker’s art is something I believe should be studied in art schools due to his unique style. A living legend we are all lucky to still have with us! I will buy his book with the great hopes of meeting him again to have it signed at this years NY Comicon. To sum up my feelings regarding this artist,…you should buy his new book for one reason & one reason only, simple respect!


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