Caricatures at the DNC- Charlotte

September 7th, 2012 | Posted in News

Image courtesy and ©2012 CNN

I just wrapped up my week of doing caricatures at the CNN Grill in Charlotte during the Democratic National Convention. Headed back today. Next week I’ll be posting more details about it, hopefully including some pictures sent to me by some of the CNN photographers. I drew a lot of celebrities, politicians and news people. Here’s a small sampling of some of the subjects I drew:

  • Rosario Dawson (pictured)
  • Jay Thomas
  • Richard Schiff
  • Gen. Wesley Clark
  • Rep. Barney Frank- MA
  • Jessica Alba
  • Darell Hammond
  • Wayne Knight
  • Tony Shalhoub
  • Gov. David Paterson- NY
  • Dave Barry
  • Jeff Bridges
  • Rev. Jesse Jackson
  • Gov. Deval Patrick- MA
  • Star Jones
  • Rose Bryne

The list goes on and on. Very interesting gig. . . considering I don’t really do live caricatures much anymore I certainly have gotten back to my roots the last two weeks, between the USO tour and this.


  1. Horacio says:

    I hope to draw a 10% of what you do when I buy your book

  2. Did Paterson think his caricature looked anything like him?

  3. Steve Wiandt says:

    Post more caricatures from there. That’d be great!

  4. Linda Causey says:

    Wow, I am awed by your ability to do live caricature and caricature in general. The effort you put into it as compared to amusement park/ fair caricaturists I’ve encountered is quite incredible and I wonder if the subjects appreciate the effort. I’ve read about your amusement park operations and can tell that you hold your cartoonists to a high standard. Do you ever get complaints from mediocre caricaturist like “Hey, you’re making us look bad!”? Memories of the profiles only guy at Six Flags in Arlington, TX during the seventies come to mind. Your blog has improved my eye for cartoon art (not certain about my own drawing skills).

  5. JWB says:

    Ah, Rosario! My valkyrie! And then another Sin City resident, Ms. Alba! Grrrr! Well, you also drew Jerry’s nemisis Newman, so I guess that balances things out!

  6. Matthew Cox says:

    What media did you color with?

    • Tom says:

      I used Prismacolor Stix. First time I ever used them, no foam sheet underneath, as I as too ignorant to know about that. My color got better as the week progressed and I got the foam sheets.

  7. Tom says:

    She hugged me, BTW.

  8. JWB says:

    And I’ll bet Ms. D smelled fabulous! AAArghhh!

  9. M says:

    Every week, my wife and I watch Monk. Was it fun to caricature Tony?

    • Tom says:

      Yes, but I never got to meet him. We were fed photos of people taken as they came into the CNN Grill. Once I get some promised pics of the event, I will post about the whole thing.

  10. jailerjoe says:

    Cool gig! Kind of a fussy crowd, tho:)

  11. Alex says:

    Nice job with the marker and color sticks. I used them at SeaWorld for a couple weeks one year and it was a whole different can of worms. I imagine your inking experience lent itself well to using a marker, at least…


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