Another Cover for the Utne Reader

August 20th, 2012 | Posted in Freelancing

This month’s issue of the Utne Reader features a cover illustration by me I did back in late June. They wanted an image reminiscent of the famous “Slim Pickens riding the bomb” scene from Dr. Strangelove, only with Mitt Romney and Barack Obama on a killer drone. I did it in my more painted digital style. Here’s the art sans graphics and a couple of close ups:

Clicky to Embiggen…

This is the Sept-Oct 2012 issue, and should be on news stands right now.


  1. Josh Powers says:

    Love it!

  2. hey Tom,

    this is a great piece as usual. i really like your “more painted digital style”. although i’ve seen several tutorials on creating a blended-in linework effect, i was wondering how you personally approach it (if i’m not mistaken you do not mention it in your online tutorials, but if you do so in your book, then never mind this question, it’ll be answered in a week or so 🙂

  3. Sam Sutton says:

    Hi Tom,

    This is a great piece of art. I like having both candidates in a semi-action situation and love the painted style. I also appreciate the close-ups.

  4. Jack Hunter says:

    Fantastic, Tom!
    Following Lorant’s comments … it would be cool to see a post on the evolution of your digital painting/coloring techniques. I’m sure you’ve added some new tricks since you first posted your digital-coloring tutorials (so many years ago). Thanks, Tom!

  5. Lee Fortuna says:

    Tom, why was it ok for artist like Jack Davis & Mort Drucker years ago when they did covers for magazines like Time, Newsweek & Mad to sign their name’s at the bottom on the cover, but you never see it these days anymore? Like your cover for “UTNE” I do not see your signature either? And Mark Fredricson’s MAD covers are not signed as well?

  6. nunz says:

    Tom gave a great example with instructions of how he colored the black lines of one of his drawings in the following Sunday Mailbag:

    It’s this continued spirit of generosity that compels me to support this blog by buying Tom’s book and original artwork.

  7. sugumarje says:

    Nice and Fantastic!


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