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August 2nd, 2012 | Posted in Freelancing

Final art- Clicky to embiggen

As promised, here are the inks and color final of my latest workplace poster assignment. This was a tricky one, as the wrong attitude/expression on the “Peter Peter” character and you have a whole different message. Also I wanted to have some fun playing with the lighting but I knew I could not have the kids depicted trick or treating in the full dark.

The inks . . . Clicky to embiggen


  1. ROLFE says:

    wowza… that is stunning. the lighting is beautiful.

    what I’ll it be used for?


    • Tom says:

      These workplace posters I do are used as motivational posters for employers as part of a subscription they get of monthly materials for their employees commons or break room areas. Usually they are coupled with “teamwork” or “safety” messages.


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