Comic-Con Schedule Change

July 13th, 2012 | Posted in News

Slight change of my schedule at Comic-Con his weekend:

Thurs, July 12th:

  • 11am-3pm: National Cartoonists Society booth¬¨‚Ć(#1307/1309)
  • 4-5pm: DC Entertainment booth (#1915)- Sorry free copies of MAD apparently didn’t make it. Free sketches, though!

Fri, July 13th:

  • 11am-1pm: National Cartoonists Society booth¬¨‚Ć(#1307/1309)

Sat, July 14th:

  • 5:30-7:30pm:¬¨‚ĆNational Cartoonists Society booth¬¨‚Ć(#1307/1309)
  • 2-3pm: Mad About MAD Often imitated but never duplicated, MAD is the country’s best-selling humor magazine! Join MAD magazine editor John Ficarra, art director Sam Viviano, artists Sergio Aragon?¬©s and Tom Richmond, and Spy vs. Spy artist Peter Kuper for a wise-cracking Q&A that’s bound to be, well, MAD. (Room¬¨‚Ć9)
  • 4-5pm: Cartoon Art Museum Booth booth (#1930)- I’ll be participating in their Cartoon Sketch-a-Thon fundraiser for the museum. All proceeds from sketches go to the Cartoon Art Museum.

Sun, July 15th:

  • 10:30-11am at the DC Entertainment booth (#1915)- Art Demonstration! a 20-30 min stage presentation where I’ll be talking about my work with a host, all the while drawing on an ELMO machine that projects each sketch stroke by stroke up on a 6′ x 9′ HD screen!
  • 12-1pm at the DC Entertainment booth (#1915)- I’ll be doing free sketches!
  • 2-5pm:¬¨‚ĆNational Cartoonists Society booth¬¨‚Ć(#1307/1309)


  1. Lee Fortuna says:

    Hope you’re making plans to attend the NY Comicon Tom? I mean it’s only fair! I paid BIG BUCKS BABY for your new book so I think I deserve at least a hand shake for gods sake,LOL! At least just think about it Tom. And all of the NY Mad Blog fans should keep busting Tom’s butt to make it to the NY Comicon as much as possible! Otherwise we’ll post all over the internet that his biceps are photoshopped! HA!

    • Tom says:

      The folks at the NY Comic Con don’t seem very interested in giving us space for the National Cartoonists Society Foundation. If we get a booth for the NCSF I will certainly be there.

  2. Calvin says:

    Hey, Tom, I just went on Doug Gilford’s Mad Cover Site and it’s not there anymore. There’s just a picture of a crumpled MAD page. Have any knowledge of what happened? Is he redesigning it?

  3. joe says:

    please draw Chris Evans (captain america), I’d like to see your take on him, of all the people I’ve drawn I’ve never had as much difficulty as I have with his stupid face.
    …art student reppin the UK. Peace.

  4. Calvin says:

    OH NO! He’s decided to “get a life” in his own words and stop posting on it. I can’t believe this. His site was so incredible! First people almost completely stop talking on Mad Mumblings and now THIS. What’s next?? Isn’t Sergio Aragones sick? What if he….well, never mind.

  5. Calvin says:

    Please don’t quit blogging, Tom. Otherwise MAD fans all around the world will explode.


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