Team Cul De Sac Book Debut!

May 31st, 2012 | Posted in General

One of the highlights of the NCS Reueben Weekend was that advanced copies of the soon-to-be-released Team Cul de Sac book were floating about for all to see. For those who are not familiar, the TCDS book is a collection of illustrations from hundreds of cartoonists honoring the work of the great Richard Thompson and his brilliant comic strip Cul de Sac, and raising mony for Parkinson’s disease research. Richard has Parkinson’s, and is an inspiration not only for his incredible cartooning but for his perseverance and refusal to let the disease stop him. Team Cul de Sac is the brainchild of Chris Sparks, who has worked tirelessly to organize this fundraising program for Parkinson’s research.

Chris and Team Cul de Sac invited professional cartoonists, illustrators, artists and animators to donate original art made especially for a book, published by Andrews & McMeel, about Parkinson’s awareness, and the response was pretty outstanding. You will find the work of some of the biggest names in cartooning in those pages. Part of the profits from the direct sales of the book will benefit the Michael J Fox Foundation, and the original art will be auctioned as part of the fundraiser with all of auction money going to MJFF.

In fact, that original art auction started a few days ago, and it is going on right now! Included are pieces from Bill Watterson, Patrick McDonnell, Mort Walker, Sergio Aragon?¬©s . . . the list is too long to go on. Here’s a link to the complete list of contributors.

The book is spectacular. Really. I knew it would be awesome but it’s exceeded those expectations. Beautiful design, great printing and color on gorgeous satin-finish pages . . . and the art! You can really tell the artists that contributed did so out of great respect for Richard’s work and to help the cause. Stunning.

Order the book! Bid on the art! Help a great cause and get a spectacular book at the same time. Win, win!


  1. MDW Belgium says:

    What’s the translation of “Cul de Sac”, in french ? Blind alley ?


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