Feline like ordering an eBook?

May 15th, 2012 | Posted in News

Funny and fantastic cartoonist, former NCS president and friend Rick Stromoski is one of many who have joined the growing number of cartoonists entering the wonderful world of eBooks in recent years. He just released a new one: Bad Cats, a feline-centric collection of some of his terrific cartooning. Rick does the syndicated strip Soup to Nutz thorugh Universal Uclick, and is known for his great greeting card and gag cartoon work, as well as book illustration, advertising . . . you name it. I really enjoy his work…he’s a pro’s pro.

If you have any cat-lovers with eBook readers in your life, this book will be greatly appreciated by them. You can order it on Amazon. You can even get it printed on dead trees, if you are so inclined. Check out some of Rick’s other books as well.


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