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February 15th, 2012 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

This week’s sketch subject is multiple-Grammy winning singer Adele, who is a major celebrity around the Richmond household. She is The Lovely Anna‘s favorite, and my kids are all musically gifted singers and musicians who appreciate great talents. Adele is a great talent, no question. You need only look at the Grammy performances to see that. While Rhianna, Nikki Minaj and others had elaborate productions and stageshows, Adele needed only a microphone and a spotlight, and blew them all away. The Richmond clan are big fans, so I spent a little longer than usual on this sketch as a result . . . although I still got a dirty look from Anna because I drew Adele “too fat” in her opinion.


  1. Bill Karis says:


  2. Ron says:

    Great likeness. Yeah Brandee and I are huge fans too. I think Adele has slimmed down a bit recently too. Noticed that at the Grammy’s.

  3. Bearman says:

    Nice to know our wives are our biggest critics and not afraid to tell us.

  4. Lee Fortuna says:

    Big Fans here as well Tom! Bought her CD “21” months ago & can’t stop listening to it, but SHHHHHHish, don’t tell my friends, I’ve been a Eric Clapton, and southern rock fan since the 70’s! lol, Great sketch Tom, her size is fine!

  5. Lash LeRoux says:

    Phenomenal sketch! Phenomenal talent! And I’m quite relieved, Tom, to see that I’m not the only one who thinks Adele has ridiculously tiny hands, LOL…

    • Tom says:

      yes, that is typical of larger women, and a trick if you want to make someone look fat without resorting to drawing them like Jabba the Hutt… give them tiny hands and feet.

  6. Robin Crowley says:

    Great likeness!, maybe she looks fat because of a swollen wisdom tooth? ;P

  7. Tamsin says:

    You drew her perfectly! Who said anything about ‘too fat’?


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