OnLine Comics Eligibility Requirement Amended

January 10th, 2012 | Posted in News

I’ve gotten several very constructive responses about the NCS’s new Online Comic Strip Division award, with some great suggestions that we will certainly look at incorporating into next year’s awards. Thanks to all those who both understand the challenge of putting this together and took the time to offer real thoughts and suggestions.

One thing that was pointed out to us needs immediate correction. The original requirements for eleigibilty for the division included this:

5. Creator must earn the greater part of their living directly from the strip/property

Has been amended to:

5. Creator must earn the greater part of their living directly from cartooning in order to adhere to the NCS criteria that creators under consideration must be either full members or eligible for full membership

This originally was poorly worded. As with all other divisions, you do not need to make the majority of your income from one single property or strip, but from cartooning in general. So, if you are an animator, illustrator, comic book artist or otherwise already earn a living as a cartoonist, and you also do a web-comic but it isn’t your main source of income, you still qualify for professional NCS membership, which is all the NCS rules require for your work to be considered eligible.

Sorry about the confusion, but that really was not a fair requirement. It wasn’t really our intention, either, so I am not sure how the wording ended up that way. Anyway… amended.


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