On the Drawing Board- 12/8/11

December 8th, 2011 | Posted in On the Drawing Board

December is often one of the slower months for illustration work. It might just seem that way because I am usually slammed in October and November with projects for the “Year End” issues of publications… or maybe it’s because many magazines work on a yearly budget and by December they are tapped out for illustration money. I suspect the latter is one of the big reasons.

Not that I have nothing going. Here is what is on the rather light drawing board at the moment:

  • MAD Parody– This one is of a very popular TV show that (as always) I can’t reveal until publication. I’m glad to have a “continuity” piece to work on for MAD again (that’s what the staff call the movie/TV parodies), although it was nice to have a little break from them the last two months. I did that Supreme Court video game feature in MAD #512, and the upcoming MAD #513 will have a two-pager I did for the “MAD 20”, but before that I did nine movie or TV parodies in a row (if you count “Toyota Story” and “The Wizard of O” as true parodies). Anyway, after that beat it will be fun to do another continuity.
  • Jeff Dunham Art– Jeff keeps me hopping. Working an various illustrations and art for a variety of uses. Hopefully soon I can link to somewhere that will have some of his merchandise using some of my artwork.

I just finished up not one but two of those workplace posters for The Marlin Company- here are the roughs, inks and finals for both. Click on any image for a closer look…


  1. Daniel says:

    Did the guy in the front get the limited edition (red) sharks shirt because it looks like their colors are blue and yellow. lol nice work, I am always amazed at your crowd scenes. I think you might have a future in art, stick with it Tom, you should really be doing work for MAD…check in to it. ha


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