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November 16th, 2011 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

I have to cheat on the SotW and post a rough sketch of a recent illustration project because I am under the gun being behind in the studio thanks to the Savannah trip last week and my trip to the ISCA convention in Florida tomorrow through most of the weekend. The above needs some modification, including the addition of some objects or interest in the lower right corner as the composition is imbalanced right now… probably will lose the bear from the gift bag, and instead add a large bear with a bow and a heart-shaped box of candy on the floor next to the bag.


  1. Leandro says:

    Very nice sketch! Look forward to see differences in the final art.

    Tom, what is the paper size that you’re using for this artwork? Usually when you have a “lot of information” on a scene what sizes of paper do you advice us to use? (where we can explore details and do not loose them while inking) – this is big challenge when I use pencil against ink pens.

    Thanks and regards,

    • Tom says:

      This sketch is about 11″ x 11″. I will enlarge it for the finished pencil and ink it at 17″ x 17″, which is actual print size. Usually when I do line and color, I ink the piece at 150% of print size, but that would be gigantic and too big to scan easily.

      • Leandro says:

        Thanks Tom. Great details that I couldn¬¨¬•t ever imagine…

        Thinking about this process, I presume that you scan the sketch and enlarge it digitally…then you print it and do the final pencil and inking using the lightbox… Does it make any sense? (sorry about this basic quiestions):S

  2. Simeon says:

    Tom, I still find it very amusing though a rough. When I proposed I started hyperventilating breathing heavily. I she finally said Yes I said I need a drink. My dad turned to me and ask if I very wanted to get married?
    You definitely got the moment and mannerisms just right.

  3. CCM says:

    Tom, I read some of the comments of your blog a few days ago and this one seems like a good idea. why not make frank sinatra as your next sketch o the week?

  4. Or Weitzman says:

    Love your pencil work man! even more than the finished piece
    (wich is briliant on it’s own)


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