ISCA Convention Getting Close!

October 28th, 2011 | Posted in News

This year’s annual International Society of Caricature Artist’s convention and competition will be Nov. 13-18th at the Tradewinds Island Grand Resort in Clearwater, Florida. If you are a caricaturist and have never attended on of these, then you are missing a truly amazing experience. About 200 professional caricaturists, ranging from party artists to illustrators to sculptors to animators, descend on the unsuspecting host resort for 5 days. They spend their time drawing thousands of caricatures in every imaginable style, attending workshops, listening to guest speakers, getting creatively super-charged and in general having a total blast. Then they all vote for the “best of” various categories and hand out awards in a gala banquet dinner. It is unparalleled immersion in the art of caricature.

This year’s special guest speaker is the incomparable Drew Friedman!

I will be attending for the last two days, and conducting a little sketch club event on Friday the 17th. I am looking forward ot it, as always.

Get more details HERE.


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I’m in LA doing back to back Caricature workshops. Here’s the class illustration of workshop no. 1. Visit for all the details and to see where others are scheduled in 2018!

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