On the Drawing Board- 8/29/11

August 29th, 2011 | Posted in On the Drawing Board

Summer draws to a close and the drawing board is heating up. Here’s what I have going right now:

  • Cover Illustration for the UTNE Reader– Kind of like my last cover for them, only different!
  • Spot Illustrations for Cleveland Magazine– Fun little job for the city publication
  • Jeff Dunham work– More illustrations for Jeff. I’m told he will have a TV special soon that reveals some of the stuff I’ve been doing for him (even credits me for it!) and when that airs I will be able to finally show off some of the work I’ve been doing.
  • CG Animated Character Designs– More work for RG Entertainment that I did stuff for on their films Super Capers and I Want Your Money. The animated segments from I Want Your Money caught the interest of a company that is producing a series of over 20 commercials using the same characters. So I am now doing more turnarounds including Ben Bernanke and Pat Boone. No idea when they will start airing, but I’ll let you know.
  • MAD– Something supposedly coming this week for issue #512, unless they got blown away by Hurricane Irene.
  • Personal commission– No kidding, this one has been overdue for six years. Embarrassing. However seeing as how I finally got my book done, which I had been trying to do for about 10 years, this one seems like I’m rushing it.

Here’s some work I did recently for the Marlin Co. Click either image for a closer look:

Final illustration

Pencil rough


  1. Tony Lewis says:

    Great work Tom,always love how much detail you get in .

  2. Calvin says:

    mad’s next cover should show alfred e. smiling obliviously at the reader as he gets blown away by irene……


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