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August 9th, 2011 | Posted in News

MAD has had a number of international versions over the years, and I do not mean the U.S. issues translated into other languages.

MAD has basically franchised the magazine name and format to several international publishers over the years, and foreign editions have been previously (but no longer) published in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Hungary, Denmark, France, Canada (Quebec), Argentina, Norway, Finland, Italy, Mexico, the Caribbean, Greece, Iceland, Taiwan, Israel, and Turkey.

Currently, there are foreign editions of MAD published in Germany, Brazil, Australia, South Africa, France and now… the Netherlands. Actually there used to be a version of MAD published in the Netherlands that ran from 1964 to 1996. This new one will be starting over at issue #1.

The coolest thing about these international versions of MAD is that, while they do translate and reprint some content that MAD provides them from the U.S. editions, they produce a great deal of their own, original content which relates to the pop culture, politics and issues of their own countries. Brilliant illustrator Wouter Tulp is doing work for the new Dutch MAD, so their readers can expect some great art in their magazine.

or, as they say in the Netherlands:

Een Nederlandse Mad
Wie zit daar nu op te wachten?

In een tijd waarin oude successen worden afgestoft en door nieuwe mensen worden voortgezet, past de wederopstanding van de Nederlandse MAD prima. Waarom een nieuw concept proberen wanneer er in Amerika nog duizenden min of meer grappige pagina’s liggen te wachten om in beroerd Nederlands gerecycled te worden. En ook Nederland beschikt over de gebruikelijke bende idioten die, in een poging om de achterstallige huur te betalen, graag hun bijdrage willen leveren, dus zeggen wij… DOEN!

Eind dit jaar keert MAD terug en je kunt nu al je geld kwijt door een (goedkoop*) abonnement te nemen door HIER te klikken. Daar kun je ook het nu al fameuze eerste nummer bestellen.

*In vergelijking met een tank benzine.


  1. David Lubin says:

    Tom, if you can check…A patient of mine just got back from S. Africa and I had asked him to see if he could find a copy as it’s one of the countries I’m still missing. He looked all over and was told publication stopped about 6 weeks ago. Can’t verify that, but that’s what he told me he was told.

  2. John McCann says:

    Subscribe to new Dutch MAD in English-where?

  3. We are not yet doing English versions of the Dutch Mad, but we will accept dollars for the Dutch one! Many of the Dutch contrbutions (more than a third of the 52 page magazine) are going to be so typically Dutch that they won’t mean anything to American audiences. A vicous ploy by us to encourage the editors of the American version to order new material from our Dutch contributors if and when they lie their stuff, instead of having them reproduce the material for a pittance with no extra payment to the artists. I didn’t say it was a good ploy.

    Tom will be in issue #1 with The Big Bomb Theory. My guess is, he gets nothing in return. If you contact me, I will get your free issue – saves on toilet paper. Of course, I invite anyone working for the American Mad to send us a photo of themselves holding up the Dutch Mad… just ask Tom for a copy.

  4. Wouter Tulp says:

    Hi Tom,
    Thank you for mentioning me in your post.. It’s Wouter, though… Not Wolter… No problem… 😉


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