UTNE Reader Spot Illustration

June 27th, 2011 | Posted in Freelancing

I am totally swamped right now, but here’s a recent small project I did that just saw print. This is a spot illustration that appears in the current issue of UTNE Reader (July-Aug 2011). It depicts viral internet rapper “Ms. Peachez” being looked upon with contempt and disbelief by Snoop Doggy-Dogg and Jay Z for her stereotyped, “Southern hip-hop” styling. BTW, Ms. Peachez is actually Mr. Nelson Boyd. It’s hard to tell if the Peachez videos are supposed to be parodies or celebrations of Southern culture. I’m going with the former, since the video the illustration is referencing “Fry that Chicken” is so over-the-top with racial and cultural stereotypes it reminds me of old 19th century black-face skits:



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