On the Stands: MAD #510

June 20th, 2011 | Posted in MAD Magazine

On news stands tomorrow and in comic book shops today:


MAD # 510 (August 2011)

  • Cover (Mark Fredrickson)
  • The Fundalini Pages (Jeff Kruse, Rick Tulka, J.C. Duffy, David DeGrand, Sam Viviano, Michael Grinspan, Evan Dorkin & Sarah Dyer, Anton Emdin, Scott Nickel, Scott Maiko, Kiernan P. Schmidt, Paul Coker)
  • Olbermann: The Terminated (Artist: Roberto Parada)
  • Green Lunkhead (Desmond Devlin, Tom Richmond)
  • When Ventriloquists Go Bad (John Caldwell)
  • A MAD Look At Celebrity Life (Sergio Aragon?¬©s, Tom Luth)
  • Glenn Beck: Terminated, Too- Misjudgment Day (Artist: Richard Williams)
  • Bored Bath & Be Gone (Jeff Kruse, Scott Bricher)
  • How Does Capt. America Stack Up Against other Legendary Captains? (Artist: Hermann Mejia)
  • Spy vs Spy (Peter Kuper)
  • Romance Before & After the Economic Slump (Barry Liebmann, Peter Bagge)
  • The Strip Club (Jason Yungbluth, Joey Alison Sayers, Phil McAndrew, K.C. Green, Box Brown, Dan Thompson, Peet Tamburino, Dustin Glick, Jacob Lambert)
  • Angry Birds: Team Six Navy Seals Edition (Artist: Charles Akins)
  • Planet TAD!!!!! (Tim Carvell, Brian Durniak)
  • The MAD Vault -MAD #176, July 1975 (Don “Duck” Edwing)
  • New Monopoly Cards (Nick Meglin, Sam Viviano)
  • MAD Pins Down Some Truly Shocking WWE: Did You Know?s (Desmond Devlin, Tim Hamilton)
  • Yawn Stars (Dick DeBartolo, Tom Bunk)
  • Terminated: The Katie Couric Chronicles (Artist: Jason Seiler)
  • The Shadow Knows (Sergio Aragon?¬©s, Tom Luth)
  • The Least Interesting Man in the World (Scott Maiko, Irving Schild)
  • MAD Fold-In (Al Jaffee)
  • Drawn Out Dramas (Sergio Aragon?¬©s)

In case you are keeping score, I am now crediting a feature for which the writing is uncredited but for which an artist is getting a credit as “Artist: (insert artist’s name here)”. If there is just one person’s credit after the title of a feature, they are both the writer and artist. Two names means “writer,artist” respectively… unless it’s the Strip Club, then all bets are off.

BTW, my work in this issue was the art for a six page parody of the movie Green Lantern, written by Des Devlin, which I posted a sneak peek of on Saturday.

What are you waiting for, clod?!? Go out and buy a fershlugginer copy already!


  1. Connie says:

    Love this cover!

  2. Lee Fortuna says:

    I still think you could have done a better cover Tom! Hopefully someday Sam & John will understand that.

  3. Ron says:

    Great job on Green Lantern. I actually enjoyed the movie, even thought it was dragged and beaten up in the press. Loved the flip flops and all the guest Green Lanterns.

    • Tom says:

      Thanks. Not too many people noticed that Green lantern is essentially naked in the parody, with only a jock and flip-flops on. That was a riff on the CGI costume that looked like glow-in-the-dark body paint.


New profile pic courtesy of my self-caricature for the Scott Maiko penned article “Gotcha! Mug Shots of Common (but Despicable) Criminals” from MAD 550

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