It’s That Guy with the Big Nose, Officer!

June 4th, 2011 | Posted in General

Bill “Weg” Green and his burglar. Photo: Craig Abraham

From the You Can’t Make it Up Department:

A burglar broke into the home of an 82 year old man in Heathmont, a suburb of Melbourne, Australia, back in January, 2008. The offender got away after pushing aside the homeowner and stealing his grandson’s bike.

Little did the crook know that the man he brushed aside was Bill “Weg” Green, a well known sports caricaturist. When police arrived, he drew a caricature of his intruder. 15 minutes later the burglar was picked up for an unrelated crime but quickly identified as the man who had broken into Green’s home thanks to what police said was a “fantastic” likeness in the caricature.

It just goes to show you… don’t mess with caricaturists.

That reminds me of this hilarious video I linked to many moons ago:


  1. Gabriel Yeo says:

    The police dept should caricaturists as sketch artists.
    Sadly, though, Bill “Weg” Green passed away in 2008.

  2. Ken Best says:

    Bill ‘Weg’ Green is a legend here in Australia and one of my favourite artists. He is sadly missed but never forgotten. The Police Dept should’ve used him more often!

  3. WEG was an Australian institution – that story is now chiselled in our eternal cartooning folklore.


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