I Might Need This…

April 15th, 2011 | Posted in General

The icade console for the iPad. Combined with Atari’s Greatest Hits app, which brings over 100 classic video games to the iPad, this console will mimic the joystick/button play of classic games like Asteroids, Missle Command and Centipede. Pac-Man cannot be far behind.

This started out as an April Fools joke from Think Geek, and it’s now about to go on sale… just like the Tauntaun carcass sleeping bag!


  1. Kelly McNutt says:

    “Might” need this? 😉

  2. Trevour says:

    If I ever get around to buying an iPad, I’m TOTALLY getting one of those. I’m a sucker for classic Atari. Plus I think my actual 2600 has mold growing inside it by now.

  3. julio cesar naranjo says:

    Hi Tom i tihink that other platforms are going on to the arcade thing check this out.


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