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March 9th, 2011 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

A very quick sketch of total nutcase Charlie Sheen. Want conclusive evidence Charlie Sheen is crazy? Forget the drugs, the throwing away of a historically easy and lucrative TV gig, the ranting interviews, the tiger blood and Adonis DNA… you need look no farther than the two porno actresses he’s shacking up with. Of all the multitude of hot porn stars probably willing to move in with him, those two are his idea of “goddesses”? :crazy:


  1. Mikey B says:

    Very nice Tom, as always. I like the commentary too. He’s sinking fast!

  2. Abdel says:

    Great sketch of this train wreck of a guy lol.

  3. Lee Fortuna says:

    LOL! Very good Tom! Nice sketch too.

  4. Kelly McNutt says:

    Drinking tiger blood apparently has unfortunate side effects for both the tiger and the drinker.

  5. Dohn says:

    Its because he is a old pervert, not you Tom. Great job as always with your pencils. Could you do one of Charlie as the current crazy version of himself?

  6. you caught that crazed look
    great sketch of a sad, sad man
    I expect he’ll be running down the street in his undies next

  7. Dave M. says:

    I’ve dated women who were less attractive than those two. Does that make me crazy?

    • Tom says:

      Only if you have as much money and fame as Sheen, in which case you should be boinking Jenna Jameson not Jenna Bush.

  8. Ernest says:

    I agree, Just look at Trumps current wife. Cool Drawing. I’ve learned a lot from your website.

  9. Lash LeRoux says:

    Ah, yes, Charlie Sheen and his “goddesses”.

    You gotta love the porn stars. I mean, once you get beyond their daddy issues, emotional baggage, psychotic tendencies and the fact that you could line them all up side by side, swap their heads around like a game of “Three Card Monty”, and STILL not be able to tell any difference between them, they’re relatively harmless.

    It’s a bit like my much alluded to and often quoted (in the wrestling world) response to [unnamed wrestler’s] marriage to a porn star: “Dude, you just showed me everything you would want in a mistress, not in a wife.”

  10. zachy says:

    wow is it ok if i can copy that tom


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