Oscar Nominee MAD-libbing

February 26th, 2011 | Posted in MAD Magazine

MAD writers Arnie Kogen, Dick DeBartolo and Desmond Devlin were tasked by CBC Radio to come up with MAD style titles for the 2011 Oscar nominated films. In this short radio interview, they compare what they came up with and discuss a little about their thought process (or lack thereof). I would make a joke about their having faces made for radio, but that is too obvious.

Many thanks to Doug Gilford of the excellent MAD Cover Site and the MAD Mumblings forum for the heads up!


  1. udoy rahman says:

    mad inspire me……………

  2. Des Campbell says:

    I’ve always loved Mad movie titles. I came up with, “The King’s Speech impediment” for a cartoon on my blog a little while ago.

  3. Calvin says:

    The King’s Screech
    127- How Weird
    Hack Swan
    The Futile
    The Kids Are All Trite
    Toys Dorky 3
    Winter’s Groan


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