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February 9th, 2011 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

Our SotW subject this week is actor Adrien Brody… that nose is something else, but he has a lot of other features to work with: the long, angular face; the sad, baggy eyes; the thick, expressive eyebrows; the mop of unruly hair; the thin mouth.

I watched the movie “Splice” in which Brody stars the other day. I found it very disturbing and not recommended IMO. Just weird in a sick and twisted way, but not the entertaining kind of sick and twisted… more the squirming and averting your eyes sick and twisted.


  1. jimh says:

    Great sketch – nailed him!

  2. Da Ya says:

    Shave those eyebrows and it’s almost Rod Stewart.

  3. julio cesar naranjo says:

    Hi Tom great sketch, i like hes sad eyes they really captures hes essence. I saw that movie and im agree with you to twisted and not a good ending …. i think the word is morbid. Take care

  4. Sam Sutton says:

    Funny! Reminds me a LOT the actor Richard Mulligan!


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