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January 19th, 2011 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

This week’s sketch is of actor Sean Penn. This was done from a relatively small picture in an entertainment magazine. I liked the turned head angle and odd, mid-sentence expression.


  1. Don’t really see Sean Penn Nice drawing though
    That’s the 1st one I think of yours that I didn’t see a likeness

  2. julio cesar naranjo says:

    Hi Tom nice expression it really captures hes personality. Take care.

  3. Jochen Ewert says:

    Recognized him immediately. Actually think it’s amazing. And it’s got a sort of boldness and presence I always admire in your sketches. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Lee Fortuna says:

    Nice sketch Tom, but besides the great Mort Drucker & Jack Davis, you are the only caricature artist that can nail a likeness just about 100% of the time! But I’m sorry this one fell a little short. But who the hell am I to say anything, I just draw as a hobby,lol! Still like the sketch though, just sayin!

    • Tom says:

      I’m liking it less as the day goes on, but it’s not a total miss IMO. Flawed, however.

      • Dave says:

        Tom you rock, I appreciate your blog, your hard work and commitment to the art form is inspiring and makes me want to be a better artist and BTW (drawing is not just a hobby for me) 🙂 On your behalf all back seat drawers can bite me!! lol

  5. The Lovely Anna says:

    tough crowd!

  6. Spicoli Virus says:

    You guys are crazy– I already knew it was Penn before I scrolled down to the text. You’re getting too hung up on the exaggerated shnoz. The eyes and forehead are aces, and the mouth is perfect.

  7. Curtis says:

    the expression isnt a sean penn signature but i still knew who it was before i even scrolled to the mouth. solid work as always.

    do you have a cold and hard rule about when to show the ear on the other side of the head? alot of caricatures have the ears stick out a bit for humor/cartoon effect, so sometimes when the head is at a 3/4 angle i’ll have the far ear visible, even if its not visible on the reference pic. this is an example where i would be on the fence about it.

  8. Gabriel Yeo says:

    Hi Tom….This is the first time I’m going to say your drawing of Sean Penn doesn’t really capture the likeness….unlike ALL your other caricatures – which are spot-on.


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