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December 7th, 2010 | Posted in News

So, last week I posted about how my USO trip coincided with two other events I would have considered attending: the Australian Cartoonists Association’s Stanley Awards and the International Society of Caricature Artists’ annual Convention and Competition. At that time I posted the results of the ACA’s Stanley awards, but I still haven’t posted the results of the exhaustive ISCA competition… so here you go. If you aren’t an ISCA member or not into the live caricature scene, these names might not mean a lot to you, but these represent some incredibly talented folks who are all well deserving of recognition for their work:

The 2010 ISCA Convention Awards-

Likeness Competition

  • 1st Place Dan Almariei
  • 2nd Place Brian Oakes
  • 3rd Place Yuta Honma

Speed Competition

  • 1st Place Yonie Woo (21 caricatures in 5 minutes)
  • 2nd Place Yuri Kato (20 caricatures in 5 minutes)
  • 3rd Place Greg Sumbardo (19 caricatures in 5 minutes)

Outstanding Gallery Award

  • 1st Place Ali Thome
  • 2nd Place Dan Springer
  • 3rd Place Yuta Honma

Outstanding Body Situation

  • 1st Place Kira Layli
  • 2nd Place Hironori Motohashi
  • 3rd Place Andrea Gerstmann

Most Humorous

  • 1st Place Brian Oakes
  • 2nd Place Bob East
  • 3rd Place Mike Shields

Outstanding Black & White

  • 1st Place Dan Almariei
  • 2nd Place Miguel Aguilar
  • 3rd Place Takashi Yamazaki

Outstanding Color Technique

  • 1st Place Yuta Honma
  • 2nd Place Yves Demers
  • 3rd Place Sakiko Ushioda

Outstanding Exaggerated Style

  • 1st Place Nathan Kapnicky
  • 2nd Place Brian Oakes
  • 3rd Place Eric Goodwin

Ismael Roldan Award (Rookie of the Year)

  • Sakiko Ushioda

Outstanding Cartoon Style

  • 1st Place Kevin Jackson
  • 2nd Place Andy Urzua
  • 3rd Place Kira Layli

Outstanding 3-D Technique

  • 1st Place Johanna Veerenhuis-Lens
  • 2nd Place BeeJay Hawn
  • 3rd Place Celestia Ward

Outstanding Abstract/Design Style

  • 1st Place Nathan Kapnicky
  • 2nd Place Yasushi Ito
  • 3rd Place Eric Goodwin

Best Studio Piece

  • 1st Place Marcus Sakoda
  • 2nd Place Glenn Ferguson
  • 3rd Place Angie Jordan

Portfolio Competition

  • 1st Place Marcus Sakoda
  • 2nd Place Dan Springer
  • 3rd Place Taka Watanabe

Master Caricature of the Year

  • Chewie Lar by Glenn Ferguson

Master Caricaturist of the Year

  • Glenn Ferguson

Top 10 Caricatures of the Year

  1. Crystal Franklin by Sakiko Ushioda
  2. Andy Urzua by Sakiko Ushioda
  3. Derek Brennan by Eric Goodwin
  4. Kerim Yildiz by Taka Watanabe
  5. Miguel Aguilar by Taka Watanabe
  6. Carrie McClish by Brian Oakes
  7. Steve Silver & Kim Possible by Mike Tofanelli
  8. Andrea Gerstmann by Koshiro Saito
  9. Karel Op De Beeck by Yuta Honma
  10. Andrea Gerstmann by Yuta Honma

Caricaturist of the Year Award

  1. Yuta Honma–Golden Nosey
  2. Brian Oakes–Silver Nosey
  3. Taka Watanabe–Bronze Nosey
  4. Sakiko Ushioda
  5. Shinichi Miyachi
  6. Yves Demers
  7. Dan Almariei
  8. Kevin Jackson
  9. Koshiro Saito
  10. Aaron Philby

These awards are different than the ACA’s “Stanleys” or the National Cartoonists Society’s “Reubens”, as instead of being bestowed for work done at some other time, these are literally work work done AT the convention. The various categories are judged by the attending members and work is recognized for various styles, techniques, etc. The only award for outside work is the “Best Studio Piece”, which judges work submitted by members done in studio or for professional jobs back home.

Explanation of some of the awards:

  • “Top Ten Caricatures of the Year”- these are awards for individual “best of show” pieces done at the convention. Each is a specific piece of caricature art.
  • “Likeness Competition”- This is based on the best likenesses drawn in a limited time from projected slides by competitors during a single competition event at the convention.
  • “Speed Competition”- There is a separate competition event where competing artists participate in elimination rounds drawing live caricatures from lines of volunteer models.
  • The “Caricaturist of the Year” AKA the “Golden Nosey” is the top award for best overall work, followed by 2nd place (the “Silver Nosey”), etc.
  • Master Caricature of the Year/Master Caricaturist of the Year”- Once you win the Golden Nosey, you become a “Master” and cannot compete for it again. These awards are a special category for Master’s to compete with each other in.

Congrats to the winners, runner up and all the compeitors!


  1. gerardooroz says:

    congratulations at all winners. and every artist in general.


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