2010 ACA Stanley Awards

November 30th, 2010 | Posted in News

As rewarding and fun as my USO trip to Afghanistan with a bunch of other National Cartoonist Society cartoonists was, it happened to come at a time that caused me to miss out on two other cartooning/caricature events. One was the International Society of Caricature Artists‘ annual convention and competition, which happened Nov. 7th-12th in Las Vegas. The other was the Australian Cartoonists Association‘s Stanley Awards weekend, which this year was held in Melbourne. Last year I was one of the guest speakers at the Stanleys, and had an outstanding time meeting a lot of wonderful and talented Aussie cartoonists as well as getting to see Sydney and the Hunter Valley wine area with The Lovely Anna. I’ve been so busy since returning from the USO trip I haven’t remembered to blog about the results of the 2010 Stanley Awards. Here are the nominees and winners (in bold italics):

Cartoonist of the Year

  • Peter Broelman
  • Mark Knight
  • Tony Lopes
  • David Pope
  • David Rowe

Editorial – Political Cartoonist

  • Peter Broelman
  • Mark Knight
  • Bill Leak
  • Alan Moir
  • David Pope

Single Gag Cartoonist

  • Dean Alston
  • Matt Golding
  • Will Goodwin
  • Andrew Weldon
  • Cathy Wilcox

Comic Strip Artist

  • Jason Chatfield
  • Gary Clark
  • Alex Hallatt
  • Glen Le Lievre
  • Tony Lopes

Graphic Media Artist

  • Dave Allen
  • Anton Emdin
  • David Heinrich
  • Chris Kelly
  • Geoff Richardson


  • Matt Adams
  • Pat Campbell
  • Anton Emdin
  • John Tiedemann
  • Luke Watson


  • Matt Adams
  • Joanne Brooker
  • Judy Nadin
  • David Rowe
  • Luke Watson

Comic Book Artist

  • Roger Fletcher
  • Dave Gaskill
  • David Heinrich
  • Jason Paulos
  • Peter Sheehan

Jim Russell Award – Steve Panozzo

Congrats to all the nominees and winners… that is quite a great honor as there are some enormous cartooning talents down under! The Lovely Anna and I hope to make the Stanleys next year, barring the coinciding of any trips involving the ducking of bullets and the uncomfortable collecting of sand in bodily areas where sand should not be collecting.


  1. It was a pleasure having you down here last year- if ever there was an excuse for not attending this year, you’ve taken out first prize for the most dangerous.

    We’ll keep a couple of drinks cold for you and the Lovely Anna Down Under for 2011-

    See you in Boston! 🙂

  2. Anthony says:

    That’s really good. Mark Knight is awesome.


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