Sunday Satisfaction

November 22nd, 2010 | Posted in General

I usually don’t blog much about sports, but I have to say as a lifelong Green Bay Packers fan yesterday’s merciless beating of Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings, 31-3 at their home stadium was pretty satisfying. File this one under” “You reap what you sow”. Favre went out of his way to give a big F you to Packers fans, GM Ted Thompson and the Green Bay front office by maneuvering his way to one of their chief rivals. A cushy early schedule in 2009 and an amazing run of good luck and good bounces combined with some admittedly great play on his part to give he and the Vikings a magical season last year, but this year his diva act and Father Time caught up with him. Leaving the Vikings guessing until the came down and begged him to play, skipping all of training camp, refusing to participate in practice, openly disdaining the head coach… once the bounces stopped going his way it all came down like a train wreck.

Did I say “end of the Favre Circus? Don’t bet on it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Favre plays again next year for another team who look like a contender that needs a quarterback… that is if any team is stupid enough to put up with his primadonna act again.

The above revision of my 2009 Star Tribune illustration is dedicated to Frett Bavre… good luck waking up screaming in the middle of the night for the next few years with visions of Clay Matthews bearing down on you.


  1. jailerjoe says:

    Great drawing, Tom! The Pack took care of Wade and now Brad. I personally would enjoy seeing Favre play until he’s 60…makes me feel young watching him beat up on the boys. Clay Matthews is a FREAK! Really appreciated your blogs on “The Bands” visit with the troops. Keep up the good work! GO PACK GO!!!!!

  2. Hoping Frazier can turn it around for the Vikes. I think Brett still has it in him to win, though he is much more inconsistent now Рwe‚Äôll see.


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