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October 28th, 2010 | Posted in General

An Aston Martin DB5 built for the filming of the 1965 James Bond film “Thunderball”complete with (mostly) functioning gadgets was auctioned off yesterday in London. The famous modifications include front machine guns that shoot blanks, an ejector seat (that doesn’t work), radar navigation, a nail spreader, tire shredders, bullet shield and a revolving number plate. Man, I really wanted that car, but as it went for $4 million it was exactly $3,999,990 more than what The Lovely Anna allows me to spend in online auctions.

For about seven years I had the cheapest of all the Bond cars, a BMW Z3 convertible like the one Pierce Brosnan‘s Bond drove in “GoldenEye”… then my kids started getting drivers licenses and I had to sell it to make room in the garage for more practical vehicles. 🙁


  1. Bill says:


    Many a time while driving about I’ve wished I had a nail spreader feature on my car. Apparently, most Toyotas don’t feature this option.

    Speaking of film collectables, have you seen the “Hollywood Treasures” show on SyFy? Lot’s of cool stuff, including, in last night’s episode, a guy who built his own Batmobile. You woulda been green with envy!

    • Tom says:

      There is a guy in California that actually sells a complete kit to convert a specific base car to a 60’s TV batmobile replica… they have to sell it as a “Ford Futura Replica” with no Bat-logos for legal reasons, but other than missing the logos on the doors and wheel hubs (which you can get elsewhere) it’s a dead ringer: Batmobile

  2. Philip Willey says:

    I think this guy was in Goldfinger as well…


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