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June 10th, 2010 | Posted in General

For the last few NCS Reubens the awards program has kicked off with a short video… often featuring Jeff Keane (The Family Circus) in drag. This year featured not one, not two but THREE videos. The first features Stephan Pastis (Pearls Before Swine), Jeff Keane (The Family Circus and current NCS President), Jerry Scott (Baby Blues, Zits), Bill Hinds (Tank McNamara, Cleats), Mark Tatulli (Lio, Heart of the City), Sean Parkes (humorous illustrator) and Tom Gammill (screenwriter and The Doozies):

The second is a video by the incomparable Tom Gammill, detailing his quest to find a good seat at the Reuben dinner. It also features Jenny Robb (OSU Billy Ireleand Cartoon Library), Cathy Guisewite (Cathy), Kim Scott (wife of Jerry Scott), Sally and Mell Lazarus (Momma and Miss Peach), Jennie Schulz and Stephan Pastis again.

The last video is the story of how Tom ended up being emcee of the Reubens, and features Jeff and Melinda Keane, and segues into footage from the actual award ceremony.

Funny stuff. Mark actually did sing “Oh, What a beautiful Mornin'” from Oklahoma at the Friday night Karaoke party to set up that gag.


  1. Paul Combs says:

    Hi, Tom: Thanks for posting these! I tried to describe the videos to my wife, but couldn’t do them proper justice – can’t wait to share.

  2. jailerjoe says:

    Haven’t laughed that hard in ages…all deserve an Oscar. Looking forward to the sequel in 3-D!

  3. […] I’ll be posting a few things about it in the next couple of days, but while I get my meager thoughts in order, here’s some Reuben video fun from Tom Richmond’s blog. […]


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