Off to New Joisey!

May 27th, 2010 | Posted in News

I am currently in Jersey City, New Jersey getting ready for the National Cartoonists Society’s annual Reuben Awards, sometimes called the “Oscars of cartooning”. The festivities begin tomorrow and I am in early for an NCS board meeting (of which I am a vice president) and to mooch lunch off Sam Viviano and the guys at the MAD offices… if they let me into the building that is.

I will be live tweeting the winners of the divisions and the big award for Cartoonist of the Year if $#@#$%* AT&T has service for my iPhone there. Follow the action here.


  1. K McNutt says:

    Best of luck, Tom – hope you and Anna have a wonderful time.

  2. Ya know Tom, I’ve lived in Jersey my whole life and NEVER heard anyone pronounce the name like “Joisey”…It’s just one of those things people from other states believe we talk like! I’ve heard many native New Yorkers say “Joisey”, but never native NJ folk.
    Minnesota drinks POP…in NJ we drink Soda

    • Tom says:

      I guess you can blame Joe Piscopo for that… and a great many other things as well come to think of it.


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