May the Fourth be with You!

May 4th, 2010 | Posted in General

Today is my birthday… 44 years old. Yikes. Time does fly by. I don’t feel a day over 48.

So what am I going to do on my birthday? Why, work of course! Sadly I got behind on a MAD job that is desperately needing to be done so I will be working on it all day. However, tonight The Lovely Anna and all four of my kids will be taking me to the ballgame at the shiny new Target Field where we will (hopefully) watch our Minnesota Twins beat the snot out of the Detroit Tigers. I will also be ignoring my diet for the evening which means hot dogs, steak sandwiches, french fries and possibly a beer or three.

That’s me in the pic with my birthday present, an Apple iPad. Since I am trying to get this job done I have had very little time to play with it so far, but promise an art-centric review later this week. First impressions are that it is just as advertised… a much more capable mobile media consumption device than the itsy bitsy iPhone, but NOT a replacement for a laptop.

Back to the drawin’ board!


  1. mike says:

    Happy Birthday Tom! Enjoy the game. Go Twins!

  2. K McNutt says:

    Happy Birthday, Tom. Awesome birthday celebration you’ve got planned & can you possibly look any more gleeful with your new iPad? I mean, really. Hahaha!

  3. Frahm says:

    I wish many more years of life from where those fourty-four came. along those years you make many lifes more happy, you can be sure about this. Your legacy is not only in your (fabulous) caricatures, but in the fan’s drawings too.

  4. Jay says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, etc… Wishing you the bestest birthday ever.

  5. Connie Nobbe says:

    Happy Birthday, Tom!! I turn 44 this year too, in June. Hope you and the fam have fun tonight!!

  6. josh says:

    Happy birthday! Looking forward to the art-centric review. I’ll be getting mine in a few days and hope to use it as some kind of deformed digital sketchbook / digital painter.

  7. Ciro says:

    Buon compleanno signor Richmond

  8. azcraigrr says:

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing so much with us – we’re the ones who get the presents!

  9. Anton Emdin says:

    Happy Birthday, Tom! Looking forward to that review, too.

  10. Jose says:

    Happy Birthday Tom, you’re gonna love your iPad!

  11. Leandro says:

    Happy Birthday Tom!

    Wish you a great party this night in the game. Hope your team give you more happyness than mine (soccer team) did this night.

    Please upload some pictures for us from your and wish to see some drafts made in your new “toy” soon. 🙂

    Cheers from Brazil,

  12. Sam says:

    Happy birthday Tom! enjoy your new toy

  13. gustavo says:

    44 years? Man, you looks younger. happyBday!

  14. Malcolm says:

    Feliz Cumple Maestro !!!
    44 year old??? you look more like 43 1/2
    salutes from Argentina

  15. MrLich says:

    Happy (belated) Birthday!

    Also – any update on the ‘art centric review of the iPad’? Considering getting one, but looking for opinions from artists first. 🙂


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