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March 15th, 2010 | Posted in MAD Magazine

I was the subject of a short piece on the weekend edition of the FOX9 newscast here in the Twins Cities:

It was flattering to be contacted by the station and have them ask if I’d do this. It’s too bad that MAD hadn’t announced it’s switch to bimonthly before they did the final editing. It’s also unfortunate that my braces make it sound like I have a worse lisp than The Music Man’s Winthrop Paroo.

Some of the quotes I give seem odd because the question the reporter asked me doesn’t proceed them. For example, the last comment I make about getting all my kids graduated and out of the house was in answer to the question “are you ever going to grow up?” to which my full response was “I hope not. If I can get all my kids out of the house and graduated without growing up I should be safe.”


  1. Nice one!

    The new studio’s looking great mate.

    So envious of that Hirschfeld…


  2. Paul YM says:

    Ha! Fun little piece. Always wondered what your voice sounded like. Now I can imagine your lisp while I read your posts.

  3. willva says:

    Awsome =) congrats hope it gets your site a couple of hits =) and also happy about mad going back to monthly =D yaaays more entertaining cheap cartoons

    • Tom says:

      Actually it’s bimonthly, not monthly. That’s every other month. Still, that is much better than quarterly. Good news is good news.

  4. Fantastic, congratulations, tv is such a great exposure, last time i was on tv my website got more than 2.000 visitors a day.

  5. K McNutt says:

    That’s swell, Tom – fun stuff! I thought they made freelancing sound much too desperate, but maybe it’s just how I heard it.

    • Tom says:

      I agree. I’ve always been lucky enough to keep busy freelancing, and that angle was overblown. I didn’t get to review the piece prior to it airing.

  6. Bucky says:

    Tom, great PR! Nice to know you don’t wear pants to work..either!

  7. Artisticulated says:

    Nice piece. Too bad they couldn’t just say, “See his work on the web at”. LOL

    You familiar with James Lileks?

  8. Mark Engblom says:


    Oh, and for what it’s worth, a co-worker of mine who caught the article said he did not notice any kind of a “lisp” when you talked.

  9. Dave Mowder says:

    Congrats Tom….that’s a nice little snippet. Love the studio…oh-and the work.

  10. Brian Benson says:

    It’s funny that they panned out with the long shot of Al Hirschfelds piece on your wall. You have a nice setup. Could you describe some of the hardware you use to do your work. Those computer screens looked huge.

  11. Scott Nelson says:

    Whoo Hoo Tom!!! Really cool to see that!!

  12. That’s awesome Tom. I always love seeing my caricature friends on TV. Stephen Silver was on HGTV last night. I hope this takes you guys even further into the caricature fame stratosphere!

  13. Kamal Dollah says:

    Conratulations. You the man. And you gave me that very word I’ve been looking for to link Mad magazine in my caricature lessons. I’ll quote you on that- “Mad magazine is The Mecca of Caricatures”

  14. Gennaro says:

    Usually no so many people comment… but you had a TV interview! That’s a great deal, Tom… also they mentioned MAD Magazine… so it could work as a TV ad

  15. Tom,

    I’ll just add my much deserved “Congrats” into the mix. You continue to be the MAN!

    Stevie T

  16. Greg Oakes says:

    that was awesome; congrats tom!! 🙂

  17. Andy Simpson says:

    You can’t tell you had a lisp. How do you like drawing on the Tablet PC? Do you do all your colouring on it? I’m looking into one, do you have one in mind?
    It was a good interview. Makes me want to become a freelance artist EVEN MORE!

  18. Joe Groshek says:

    Hi Tom,
    What a great promo piece…..well deserved! No doubt will bring you more business and recognition.
    Great studio as well.


  19. jimh says:

    Pretty cool Tom – great piece!

  20. David Lubin says:

    TV interviews NEVER air as they were done in real life. I’ve done interviews for nearly an hour to see a 12 second sound bite show up on air…that, of course, is always misinterpreted. Great to see you though and to tie a real live person together with what we read.


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