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February 27th, 2010 | Posted in MAD Magazine

Cameo of Monroe I did in “Stuporman Returns

“Monroe” was one of those things in MAD you either loved or hated. Those who loved it really were over the top for it… I was one of those. I loved the strip, it’s dark humor and the incredible artwork by Bill Wray. Maybe it wasn’t for everybody, but it did reach out to a newer, less traditional audience and MAD needed that.

Bill has long ago moved on and is concentrating these days on his fine art work, but he still maintains a blog about his cartooning and had posted this look at the very first Monroe strip’s preliminary pencils and the revised final art. A very interesting look into the start and evolution of the feature.

“Monroe” is still occasionally in MAD, but now drawn by Tom Fowler and in color. Tom’s work is also amazing, but it’s a different kind of amazing from Bill’s. I’m certainly not going to say “Monroe” is not as good nor is it better than it was with Bill doing the art… it is simply a different strip with a different feel today.


  1. Trevour says:

    I remember reading about Bill Wray for the first time in a Ren & Stimpy fanzine when I was still a young’un, and I’ve been a fan ever since! LOVED the stuff he did for Mighty B not too long ago.

    And yes, his Monroe was A+ in my book too!

  2. gustavo says:

    I hated Monroe since his apparition, I thougt at that moment that it was the beggining of Mad Magazine decadence.

    However, I should admit that Monroe was not so bad, the problem was that it doesnt fit in the style of humor of MAD.


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