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January 30th, 2010 | Posted in General

Red's Planet and all images ©2009 by Eddie Pittman

Many years ago, immediately following my graduating from college and my marriage to The Lovely Anna, I moved from Minnesota to Georgia to be the manager of a caricature art concession at Six Flags Atlanta. I worked with a lot of different caricature artists during my two years at that Six Flags, but I’d be hard pressed to think of one more gifted than Eddie Pittman.

Eddie started with the company I was managing for, Fasen Arts, in my second (and last) year as their Six Flags Atlanta manager, and eventually he worked for me at Underground Atlanta for several years before moving on to bigger things.

In the intervening years Eddie has worked doing comics and freelance illustration, with Disney Feature Animation as an animator on such features as “Mulan”, “Tarzan”, “Fantasia 2000” and several others, taught at the Ringling School of Design, conducted a popular series of drawing classes in the Orlando area for aspiring animators, directed his own animated feature “Legends of the Night Sky: Orion” for 360¬¨? planetarium dome theaters (the first of its kind, I might add) and also managed to marry a charming young lady named Beth and produce an equally charming young daughter named Ginny.

He has also been a good friend for 20 years. He and I collaborated on a special issue of NOW ComicsMarried… with Children in 1992(ish). It was a double issue. One side was a story Eddie drew about Al thinking he was involved in a spy plot, and if you flipped the issue over the other side was my art on a story about Peg going to a weekend spa retreat and imagining it was mirroring the plot of a romance novel she was reading. (On my introducing Eddie to NOW Comics… sorry about that, pal.)

Eddie may have a long list of accomplishments but his first love has always been comics, and when he started doing a webcomic/graphic novel I knew it would be something special. Eddie is nothing if not a perfectionist, and his new project is as terrific as I had expected.

Red’s Planet is a story about a young girl who runs away from her foster home only to fall prey to that all-too-often scourge of the wandering orphan… abduction by aliens. She is mistakenly kidnapped and then marooned on a mostly deserted planet, where she encounters some oddball and eclectic other castaways. The story is just getting started, but it is already intriguing, and the art is stunning. There are six pages of the story prologue already on the website, and they leave you wanting more. Eddie sent me a fantastic teaser comic featuring Red and her first meeting with “Goose”, which you can also see on the website although it is a bit hidden. Go to the drop down menu “Chapters” on the right side of the web page and choose “Preview” to see the 24 page teaser… or just follow this link. Yes, the taste of great art and storytelling so far on Red’s Planet is just the tip of the iceberg.

I heartily recommend visiting Red’s Planet. It will be worth the travel.

Red’s Planet and all related images ©2009 by Eddie Pittman, all rights reserved


  1. Artisticulated says:

    Wow Tom, thanks much for the pointer-over to this site. I’m used to your effusive praise of other artists, but I think you short-changed your bud this time. His stuff is A-Maaaz-Ing. Writing, pacing, shot selection, character design, color‚Äö√Ѭ∂ what isn’t strong? Jeff Smith’s “Bone” saga has a worthy successor!

    • Tom says:

      I agree.

      Oh, and for the record if it seems I only effusively praise other artists that is because I only mention artists who work I truly admire… ones I think suck I just don’t talk about. My mom always said, “If you can’t say anything nice…”

  2. […] I knew about the launch, but admit that I dropped the ball on any sort of deserving mention until Tom Richmond posted this review: Eddie may have a long list of accomplishments but his first love has always been comics, and when […]


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