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January 2nd, 2010 | Posted in MAD Magazine

My pal, the great animator and illustrator Stephen Silver, has been working on an incredible video series project for some time that is about to come to full fruition this month with the first of several video releases. His project has been to travel to the studios of some of the great legends of cartooning and film them working while interviewing them about their process, their careers and their philosophies about art. All the while the camera is looking over their shoulder and capturing them actually drawings, inking and painting. Not only are these videos going to be fascinating looks into the work of some of the giants of the cartooning industry, but they will be like taking a master class from these legends.

Appropriately the first video will feature MAD great Mort Drucker, who is one of the main influences on Steve’s work (see tariler above). People who know Mort will understand when I say this is a very exciting thing to see, because Mort is famously shy about drawing in front of people… he just doesn’t do it. Getting a chance to see him actually draw and ink, and hear him talk abotu and explain his process, will be amazing.

Silver’s video project “The Master’s Series” will be available via, a very innovative video lesson site where you can take online “classes” with artists like Steve on various disciplines and techniques. The costs of the different lessons very. Steve’s “Master’s Series” are listed at $39.95, which I believe will give the buyer access to the videos via the site for a certain amount of time. More details will be available soon I am sure. The series continues with artists Stan Goldbeg (Archie) and John Reiner (The Lockhorns, Howard Huge)


  1. gustavo says:

    Amazing video!MortDruckeris my favorite MAD´s cartoonist.It´s fantastic to watch how he can draw so easily .

  2. Philip Willey says:

    “I’ve learned that to do color correctly…”

  3. Wow! Thanks Tom
    Thanks Steve

  4. Gennaro says:

    OMG! I know a Mexican MAD’s artist who will love this! His favorite MAD artist is Mort Drucker and he’ll really apreciate this Post. Thanks for posting it, Tom! Great video!

  5. Chip says:

    Great stuff Tom! It’s every cartoonists dream to be able to meet and talk shop with icons like Mort Drucker in their studio and watch them work. This series makes those dreams into reality.

  6. Mike Edholm says:

    OMG! The video I’ve been waiting for all my life! And its a “to be continued?” ARGH! I WANT MORE! Bring Mort back! Pleeeeeeezzzzeeee! Great stuff. Bless you Tom. Thanks.
    — ME

  7. Shawn Braley says:

    I have a great book titled ‘The Art of Humorous Illustration’ by Nick Meglin. It features many amazing cartoonists, including Mort Drucker. In it, Drucker talks about his process and what he uses for materials…etc. The video is tremendous. I’ll certainly shell out $$ to see the rest of it!

  8. David Colton says:

    This was outstanding! The only problem… I want to see more. Where can I get the entire video of this tremendously talented man? I was a teenager in the late sixties and Mad magazine gave me a reason to try to be an artist. Mort Drucker‚Äö√Ñ√¥s movie parodies were my favorites… I would spend hours studying his drawings and caricatures. I particularly remember Balmy and Clod (Bonnie and Clyde) and Rosamia’s BooBoo (Rosemary‚Äö√Ñ√¥s Baby). I now have this bookmarked and will watch it time and again! Thank you.

    • Tom says:

      David- If you’ll read the post above you will find a link to, which as the post says is the place to find the entire video. 🙄


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