The Great Art Blowout!

December 17th, 2009 | Posted in General

EDIT- WOW, these are going FAST. Don’t wait around if you want to get your favorite.

In the process or remodeling my studio I had to clean out my flat files, and while doing so I came to the following conclusion:

I have way too much original artwork laying about.

To remedy this situation I have weeded through the immense pile of original inked illustration I have done over the last decade or so for The Marlin Company’s employee subscription posters and made fifty (that’s 50!!!) of them available for the low, low price of..

$25.00 each!

That’s right! Now you can own an original inked illustration by me (oh, boy… thrilling) and also help contribute to the college funds of my children. . . or at least buy them a few double espressos for those late night study sessions.

Here’s a few example of some of the pieces available at the Great Art Blowout Sale!:




There are a lot of different subject matters and themes to the illustrations. All are 17″ x 17″ (art size, except a few noted otherwise) and inked by brush and dip pen on Strathmore illustration board. All are good examples of inked line illustration. Visit the Great Art Blowout Sale page here to see what’s available and for more details. And, naturally, I will sign the artwork despite the buyer’s inevitable protestation that I do not.

This is the only one that is a little more . . . I am selling for $100: OOPs, this one sold!


. . . which is still a great deal as this is a fully painted 17′” x 17″ original done in watercolor ink and airbrush. It’s actually the only traditionally painted poster illustration I ever did for The Marlin Company, and is in fact the FIRST one I ever did for them years ago.

If you have have an interest in any of these originals, simply e-mail me.


  1. Wow-EY! What an incredible opportunity to own some GREAT original art. This made my day, heck, it made my month! Let’s all hope Tom cleans out his studio again some day!


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