“Bo”-ing, Going, ALL Gone!!

November 30th, 2009 | Posted in General

EDIT- Well, that’s it! All my copies are now sold and I won’t be ordering any more to sign, draw in or otherwise sell here on The MAD Blog. Many thanks to all those who ordered the book.

You can always order a copy through Amazon here.

Christmas fast approaches and I have got exactly five… that’s right FIVE… copies of Bo Confidential: The Secret Files of America’s First Dog left. If you want one, now is the time to order. I will not be reordering any more nor offering them for sale with or without a signature, sketch or caricature of you after I run out of this stock.

You can order one of my few remaining copies here with any one of the following four options:

  • Signed copy of the book (either personalized to you or just signed)- $9.95 (cover price)
  • Signed with a sketch of “Bo”- $19.95
  • Signed with a sketch of Alfred E. Neuman- $19.95
  • Signed with a caricature sketch of YOU- $29.95

Great holiday gift for the person who hates everything. They’ll hate this too but at least they’ll have a good reason.


  1. Steve Hearn says:

    Wow, that is cool that the book has been in such demand as we all expected. I even saw copies available to purchase in our BlueWater shopping Mall last week, in the Waterstone’s book store! I am so pleased I got my copy from you Tom! Let’s hope you are asked to do another project like this! We need more from you!

  2. gustavo says:



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