2009 Stanley Awards in Sydney

November 14th, 2009 | Posted in General

I’m currently in Sydney, Australia for the 2009 Stanley Awards for the Australian Cartoonists Association. Just got back from the awards ceremony itself.

Australia has a rich history of cartooning and has some incredible talent. The ACA is a terrific organization and the people here have made us feel very welcome. I did a presentation and a caricature workshop on Saturday, and attended several other panels and presentations as well. Very nicely organized and some great speakers.

The main speaker of the weekend was Pat Oliphant, the influential and brilliant political cartoonist who was born and raised in Australia but had lived and worked in the U.S. for decades. I will do a more complete post covering the weekend’s events later, but int he meantiem here is a short video of part of Pat’s talk, where he recreates a cartoon that he said was one of the most controversial he’d done:

Once again, more later!


  1. Jill says:

    Hi, I’m very well acquainted with this cartoon by Oliphant. It might interest you to know that he draws freely on antiSemitic Nazi imagery against the Jews and Israel in this cartoon. Quite a feather in his anti Semitic little cap!!

    Always good to know that a cartoonist can have so little understanding of politics – triumph of the visual over research. It’s mich more fun thinking of the attacked as inhuman attackers rather than bothering to understand the worldwide phenomenon of jihad against the whole world especially Jews and Israel, since the 7th century.

    You may be interested in this essay that was written on this cartoon:


  2. Lindsay Foyle says:

    There is nothing in the Oliphant cartoon that in anyway criticizes the Jewish religion. The cartoon is a comment on the government of Israel. Sorry Jill, but there is a difference.

  3. Jill says:

    I did not mention the Jewish religion.
    Nazi imagery has always been used to attack and dehumanise Jews, and , since the modern State of Israel was established, Israel itself, which is a Jewish state.

    Sorry Lindsay, you’re muddying the issue.

  4. Willva says:

    Thanx for coming tom, was really nice meeting you, even if i didn’t really know what to say haha =) i’m sure all who where present for your workshop benifited a lot, and maybe oneday i’ll get to meet you again =).

    Thanx again and gooluck with all your stuff and enjoy your wel earned rest.

  5. Lindsay Foyle says:

    Sorry Jill, it is you who are wrong. You imply Oliphant is antiSemitic and claim the people in Israel are Jews then say you do not mention the Jewish religion. Not everyone in Israel is a Jew, not everyone who criticizes Israel is antiSemitic. Oliphant’s cartoon was about the government and had nothing to do with people being Jewish.


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