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October 23rd, 2009 | Posted in News

NCS Cartoonists in Iraq
Back row: Me, Jeff Bacon, Bruce Higdon, Rick Kirkman, Jeff Keane, Garry Trudeau
Front: Mike Peters, Stephan Pastis, Chip Bok, Mike Ramirez
(Photo courtesy Jeff Bacon)

Here’s a picture of all us us “geared up” before flying back to Kuwait from Iraq on a packed C-130 military airplane. Here is a link to a short story about one of the group’s visits at FOB Marez that includes a picture of me drawing one of the crowd. Right after this picture was taken we traveled for 18 hours straight to reach Washington DC. Until I got back to the USA the last shower I’d taken was in Saddam Hussein’s palace… something the folks on our flight likely did not appreciate. Since all ten of us were equally dusty and smelly, maybe they didn’t notice me all that much.


  1. Mark Tatulli says:

    No offense, Tom, but you all look like a bunch of dorks in those helmets and flack jackets. Even the untrained eye says, “hey, look at the goofy cartoonists dressed like soldiers!”

    It’s a beautiful thing you guys did. So very proud of you all here in the states, out there representing. Wish I had been with you!

  2. Mark Tatulli says:

    I think maybe just an ass.

  3. Jim B! says:

    You guys look like a Jack Kirby/Dick Ayers Sgt. Fury and his Howling Commandos cover brought to life! WAHOO!!

  4. julio cesar naranjo says:

    Hi Tom nice its like your giving to life the sketch o the week, WHAT ME WORRY?. Take care.

  5. Elaine Mills says:

    What an amazing experience you had, Tom!
    Glad you’re back safe.

  6. Mark Tatulli says:

    Is it just me, or does Pastis look like his dog was just hit by a mortar in the Green Zone?


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