What will those Germans think of next?

October 18th, 2009 | Posted in General

I was using “the facilities” in the Frankfurt airport while waiting to board our plane for the Persian Gulf when I was once again surprised by the “little differences” between Europe and the U.S.

Germany has some of the greatest engineering on planet earth, but when it comes to making their toilet seats into robotic, self cleaning, spinning disks of doom they might have gone too far. I was in the middle of relieving myself when the commode I was using suddenly came to life and started doing the hokey pokey as shown:


I was unnerved but didn’t panic and hose down the area. Still you don’t mess with the fragile psychology/deeply learned behavior of relieving ones self in a public restroom. Lesser men might have left that stall with a soaking wet pants leg and a scarred psyche.


  1. Alex says:

    Holy Crap! that thing could tie you-know-what into a knot!

  2. Vainamoinen says:

    This comment from some 100 km northwest of Frankfurt:
    Thankfully, such “installations” are not exactly common in Germany. Actually, the”greatest engineering” you speak of has to be export-only, because I_just_can’t_find_it here.

    On a sidenote, what exactly got that thing started so suddenly?

    …did you fiddle with the door lock?

  3. Artisticulated says:

    Or‚Äö√Ѭ∂ you could hinge the seat. Then it can be lifted up so it doesn’t get sprayed by urine or sanitizer. Just a thought.

  4. Jay Jacot says:

    Wow… I wonder what kind of medical claim an injury by Komode would fall under… or how uncomfortable that story would be to tell… “I was assaulted by a German public toilet…” wait a minute that’d be an eye catching title for just about anything!!!


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