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September 2nd, 2009 | Posted in Sketch O'The Week

Caricature of Rocky


This week’s subject is a fellow caricaturist and ISCA member Rocky Sawyer who’s caricature I did for the International Society of Caricature Artists “Firing Squad”. The “Firing Squad” is a forum on the ISCA Message Board where members post pictures of themselves and then they are drawn by other members. A fun idea and it results in lots of caricatures in many different styles. I don’t get much time to participate but Rocky’s wife e-mailed me asking if I’d take a shot at her husband as it was his birthday, so I thought it would make an interesting sketch o’the week. The reference pic is only one of several that were sent to me.


  1. That is one butt ugly model, just kidding, great caricature
    I see a little William Shatnerd

  2. corbett says:

    I like the slight cross eye.

    Do I perceive more of an emphasis on head shape, in lieu of an emphasis on features, like that schnoz?

  3. Steve Hearn says:

    Great sketch, I bet Rocky is very happy with his ‘Richmond’! I have my original sketch you so kindly did for me, on my studio wall close to my iMac…!


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