On the Drawing Board 8/25/09

August 25th, 2009 | Posted in On the Drawing Board

The work is piling up… I am currently totally swamped.

  • MAD Job– small one but fun.
  • Bobblehead design– I’m doing a caricature of Obama as a “turnaround” similar to an animated character design which will be turned into a bobblehead.
  • 535 caricatures– That’s the actual total of the number of caricatures I am doing for an iPhone app project. 😮
  • Documentary Movie Poster– Another Obama image
  • Graphic Novel– I’m working with a very well known syndicated cartoonist/author on a full length graphic novel we are pitching to various publishers, so I will be doing about 8-10 pages for the pitch.
  • Newspaper Illustration– Haven’t done anything for the Minneapolis Star Tribune in a while (newspapers, in case you haven’t heard, don’t quite have the budget they used to) but this project promises to be a really fun one if it gets over the budget hurdle.

Here’s the latest workplace poster job just completed:

The assignment- an illustration of the interior of an expensive home with a professional, middle aged couple looking on in exasperation as two sloppy house painters with coke-bottle glasses make a mess of their home. The initial sketch:

Click for a closer look

The client wanted me to change the painter on the left so he was working in a reasonably safe manner… on a stepladder the right way, etc. I should have known they’d object to that pose as they need to promote safety in the workplace. They also didn’t like the roller of paint from the guy on the right leaving a trail of paint across the couple’s faces. The asked me to move the couple back and slightly more centered.

Final Art
Click for a closer look

Those changes were made and incorporated into the very colorful final. Sorry forgot to save just the inked version.


  1. LOL! The first one was better! It still turned out great though. I love this..It reminds me of when I used to help my dad paint.

  2. 535 caricatures!?!!! I hope you show them to us.

  3. Kain says:

    Really excellent drawings Tom, I like them very much.

  4. Philip Willey says:

    Bah, your initial instinct to make the drawing funny (unsafe ladder operation and a face full of paint) was better than the watering down the client wanted. Save it for MAD I guess.

  5. Tad Barney says:


  6. John Polizzano says:

    535 caricatures!!!!! I think maybe you should call Guinness. I believe this may be a record breaker!

  7. julio cesar Naranjo says:

    Hi Tom its a heavy work you got there i hope i can see your graphic novel project. Take care.


New profile pic courtesy of my self-caricature for the Scott Maiko penned article “Gotcha! Mug Shots of Common (but Despicable) Criminals” from MAD 550

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